Thursday, October 28, 2010

Well I've uploaded the game also in other mirrors so here are the new mirrors

Libra Dropbox

Well I would be also grateful if you can send me feedback via e-mail,I know that the game has a few bugs :) but I can use your help to make it better :).

Hope to enjoy the game :)
Here is also a screencast that I made for the game.

The graphic glitches of the video is a problem from the screencast program and not from the game.

Libra Gameplay + Tutorial

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Here is a game that i made recently using the great open source tool
Game Editor.

It's a puzzle game with two different game plays to experience :)

Play the game and the tutorials for more information ;) 

Just tell if you run into problems with the downloading :)

Comments are happily accepted :)

Enjoy ;)

Here is some game screen shots:



Grads to Mauricio Malacay for the wonderfull fonts :)